I believe that learning how the body moves and operates is a vital part of not only healing (if an injury is present) but also maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle, long term.


Therefore I am proud to be able to offer courses and workshops, bringing together my 14 years experience within the health and fitness industry.


They marry together the love of optimal movement through working as a Physical Therapist, along side professional sports teams, private clients and mentoring other professionals to understand the human body on a deeper level.

I am thrilled to announce that I have joined forces with the brilliant PilatesPT to bring an exciting new series of workshops now available Online!
Each workshop will focus on an area or particular issue we commonly come across as both instructors and clients. The workshops are aimed at fitness professionals and therapists and although a baseline knowledge of anatomy is beneficial, all are welcome!
The workshops are endorsed by PD:Approval and a two hour workshop will not only give you valuable tools and information, but also a REPs points.

4th April 2020

How to Understand and Train the Pelvic Floor

The Mandarin Oriental,



This two hour workshop will cover how the pelvic floor and core stabilizers work together. It will also cover common issues resulting from a pelvic floor dysfunction, and the controversial Diastasis Recti. 

Following an anatomical review of all the structures that work together to produce a strong lumbo-pelvic region, and help to heal pelvic floor issues, common exercises and cues will be visited and discussed. After this we will look at how common issues may be categorized and how each of them can link into one another, forming a potential cascade of events throughout the body

14th April 2020

How to Develop the Glutes For Optimal Function and Postural Stability

This two hour workshop will cover all aspects of achieving optimum function of the glutes, understanding the anatomy and physiology of the myo-fascial attachments around the hip joint, and also understanding opposing muscles & muscle groups in the search for postural correction.

The workshop will teach you what happens, and what to look for, when one muscle is weak or down regulated. We will discuss the implications this might have on posture and then brainstorm ways to fix it.

All of this will be achieved by understanding the function of the glutes and how we can position joints and bodies differently to target different fibres of the same muscle.



24th April 2020

How to Optimise Shoulder Stability to Achieve the Optimal Overhead Position



This two hour workshop will cover all aspects of achieving the optimal overhead position in order to optimize shoulder stability in your clients.

Following an anatomical review of all the structures that have a bearing on the optimal overhead position the workshop will explore the importance and differences between shoulder mobility and stability.


Is one more important than the other?


Or can the two exist in perfect harmony?

The workshop will be interactive, looking at special tests and assessment techniques to determine where limitations might lie.

6th May 2020

How to Truly Understand the Hip Flexors and Their Role in Posture

This two hour workshop will examine the role of the Psoas muscle in posture and function and its, often over looked, more important roles outside of purely hip flexion.


  • How often do you hear clients express that their hip flexors are tight?

  • How many clients are forever stretching their hip flexors?


As you can see, a vicious cycle develops……….


This workshop will allow you to understand the physiology behind these statements and how to break, and then fix, this vicious cycle.



18th May 2020

How to understand the role of fascial lines in motion

Fascia has always been part of our anatomy, however it has only recently made it into the mainstream.


Following the initial categorization, each layer and line will be explored in-depth, including how any dysfunction can affect posture, movement and each physiological change within the human body.


The workshop will deepen your understanding of the human body and myofascial system. Taking a step up from anatomy 101, it will ensure you are delivering the best results to your clients whether rehabilitating them from injury or improving upon current performance 



Functional Anatomy courses.


"I have learned so much and am now fully obsessed with how the body is built and moves. Thanks so much."

Annette, FA1 Course

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