Have your cake and Pilates it!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

“What do you do for exercise?


What about Cardio?

Pilates Fast

Strength training?

Pilates with springs.”

I must start off by saying that although I love this quote, I cannot totally agree with it as I am a strong believer in variety and trying new workouts or activities that challenge your body and mind in different ways.

So firstly lets look at why Pilates in its entirety is so great. In the words of one of my fantastic mentors, think of your body as a cake. Yes, I know what you’re thinking but please bear with me for a moment.

Pilates is the sponge (of your cake) and the gym/other workouts/daily activities are the icing. A strong core, foundation and knowledge of how to move your body efficiently are all vital for longevity and optimal performance. Without a decent sponge (core/foundation) you are just icing! As delicious as this may sound, when it comes to your body it’s a recipe for disaster. A strong and efficient foundation is even more relevant when we then put that structure under load. Load could mean a barbell in the gym, but could also mean lifting a heavy box or bag of shopping during everyday activities.

Once the fundaments of Pilates are understood and demonstrated by clients they are generally safe to move onto more demanding movements perhaps using props to challenge themselves or trying a cardio class, which involves jumping on a board or trampette against spring tension, on the reformer. In addition to jumping on the reformer, strength can also be developed at a slower pace with increased spring tension.

So in conclusion Pilates is not only your sponge but can also be your icing if you choose classes wisely and programme your training to complement rather than in a break down and fix up arrangement.

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