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As a Sports Physical Therapist and Pilates Master Trainer, I am passionate about supporting instructors and studios to become clearer and confident in their abilities. I do this both online and in person via a series of Instructor workshops, various level courses and private mentoring sessions. I've learnt just what instructors need in order to go from post course overwhelm to becoming experts in their field and working confidently with all clients.

I have worked with some amazing mentors and professional sports teams in my clinical practice, yet, back in the day, I was not satisfied with the disconnect between those in the medical realm and movement professionals. I knew that we should be able to work together and share knowledge to the benefit of clients.

My second issue and one thing that I work to change everyday, is the fact you are told you should invest in yourself. You are told to complete Continued Professional development points. BUT are you ever fully invested in these courses, when they are something you do for a tally system and not because you are really passionate about a topic.

My aim was to create a supportive, learning enviroment, where therapists and pilates instructors could come together, share knowledge and ideas and go away with some new practical tips to try in sessions.

So, let me help you find your passion, deepen your knowledge and GROW your client base.

Ways to work with Victoria:

--The IP Programme, for those starting out in their Pilates career or about to take their certification exam.

-- Apply to join GROW– my 8 week program for Pilates Instructors who want to deepen their knowledge, nail their nichè and go from repertoire to function.

-- Apply for 1:1 mentoring here.

Not Sure which route is best for you? Or just fancy a chat?

Book here.

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My top 5 non-negotiables to becoming an expert instructor........................

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