"So informative and not overwhelming in any way. Compared to the standard Pilates training we all have to do to qualify, today gave more in-depth information. I love the useful tips, cues and real life scenarios.

I was so impressed that I have booked on to the Hip flexor workshop too. "


Anon, Pelvic floor workshop

"This workshop is fascinating, I keep having to stop with lightbulb moments. It all makes so much sense on how the body is all connected. It’s also helping me to understand what might be going on with my own body after two traumatic births. Thank you, all these workshops are so valuable, can’t wait to do more."


Andrea, Pelvic Floor Workshop

"The girls were lovely and personable. I felt so comfortable which helped me to engage and to learn more about my craft. Thanks for sharing your knowledge."

"Loved the glute workshop! I travelled down from Glasgow as I haven’t found a CPD workshop like this which focused on one muscle group and was not disappointed so worth the trip down! Thank you so much for delivering it. Great balance of practical, full of knowledge and delivered in a really easy to understand way. Great group size, fully encouraged to get involved, no question too silly to ask. I not only felt I learnt a lot especially with new tools for assessments from Victoria but learned from the other participants. Not matter what your discipline is learning about the glutes is important and what was learned can be applied across multi disciplines. Would highly recommend and will be back for another! Keep up the amazing work, I feel this is the type of CPD workshop that’s been missing."

Pre-Covid Glute workshop

"I found the pelvic floor workshop really helpful for reviewing anatomy and learning how it’s function can affect how the rest of the body functions. I look forward to applying the knowledge learnt to my 1:1 patient assessments as well as my pre and post natal Pilates classes."

"Another great, practical workshop. Felt I learnt more than just overhead positioning for the shoulder but shoulder health in general. Great advice on phases in assessing, movements, release techniques, and phases of exercises while you gradually increase impact and load on the shoulder. Great tutor, explains anatomy and exercises so well in a really easy to understand way. Thanks again for another fab workshop!"

Jenny, Shoulder Optimization Workshop.

"All round great workshop that I’m really happy I signed up to do as a New Year, new year, learn more. Lovely venue, so everyone was so relaxed and friendly. Very helpful and knowledgeable. No question was a silly question, felt very comfortable with all the ladies.

Pre Covid, Glutes Workshop

"I absolutely loved the workshop! It provided me with invaluable information and practical exercises which I have already been able to put to use. It was great to meet such an awesome group of people who get as excited about glutes as me! And I really felt like I left which a much deeper understanding. Thank you!"

Anon, Glute workshop

"The Pilates PT organised workshop was really good. Victoria is a really knowledgeable trainer and an in-depth look at anatomy is useful for any instructor! "


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