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Overwhelmed and confused about how to approach becoming a Pilates instructor?

I get it, I have been there. Sitting on the floor surrounded by manuals and anatomy books, knowing you have so so much to do but unable to start doing anything, let alone teach!

This is because of overwhelm!

So allow me to help you take the thinnest possible slice and help you to move forward and guide you to studying effectively and efficiently for your Pilates Certification exam and beyond.


The IP (Instructor Prep) Programme, will help you to transform into a confident instructor that works seamlessly with each client to achieve their goals, as well as nail your certifcation exam:

In 6 weeks you will:

  • review each area that you will be tested on and need to know well in the future, zooming in and learning exactly what you should be aiming for

  • create a defined and precise tailored study plan, one of the main reasons we don't know how to study is beacuase we have never been taught to!

  • be able to programme seamlessly

  • finally understand the effect your cues have on certain clients and stop stumbling over your words.

  • modify without the feeling of paralysis that creeps in for fear of 'getting it wrong'


If this sounds like you, then click the link below to get started on your first module NOW!


"Thanks to you and your IP programme, I was feeling fairly confident that I understood Postural Analysis way more thoroughly than I had previously done. 


You’ve been so helpful to me in the lead up to it."


Amelia, IP programme.

What you get:

  • 6 weeks of training breaking down each individual subject (worth £600+)

  • Downloadable notes, yours forever (priceless)

  • discounted 1-2-1 mentoring 

  • Access to the members page, full of Pilates classes to keep you hearing the cues, names of the exercises and maintaining a flow (worth £300+)

  • Access to a private facebook page with all previous IP programme participants who share study ideas and tips (priceless)

  • Worksheets, templates and example theory questions. (worth £400)


What makes a great instructor-2.png


My top 5 non-negotiables to becoming an expert instructor........................

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