GROW is the much anticipated programme, aimed to deepen your knowledge of the human body, work with people in pain with ease and accelerate you to the next level of your career.

  • Do you ever feel you are missing the link between exercise and function?

  • Do you feel that your cues aren’t as effective as they could be? 

  • When clients tell you about injuries or pain, do you feel out of your depth and now dread asking the question?

  • Are you trying to be a specialist in everything?

  • Do you still look at joints and pain as local issues?


If you answered YES, to any of these questions then GROW is for you!


In 8 weeks you will go from confused by pain, overwhelmed by certain posture profiles and trying to be everything to everyone, to confident, creative, adaptable in any scenario and well on your way to finding your nichè and becoming an expert in your area.



GROW is for you if you have been training clients for at least one year and want to now deepen your knowledge, go beyond the parameters of your qualification and really understand what’s going on in the human body when someone is in pain, physically and/or emotionally.

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Stages of learning


By understanding the stages of learning we can adapt our cues to suit different levels of comprehension with laser focus. Revolutionize your cueing and stop second guessing the effect they might have on the body in front of you.


Pain (Paul Thornley)


What is pain?

Where does it come from?

Can we, as instructors help to make it better?

Do positions or modifications make it better?

A must have module and subject for any instructor to understand.

Psychology  (Rick Cropper)


There is a psychological undercurrent running through all training sessions. By understanding the roles the client AND instructor play will allow you to tailor training sessions to each individuals needs.

Upper Limb


No more breaking down joints and looking at them locally. We will be looking at the upper limb as a whole and joining the dots between the shoulder complex, elbow and wrist.

Learn how to increase ROM, the components of shoulder stability and fascial links to other areas of the body.





Having a base line understanding of the language and diagnosis around lower back pathologies is essential for any movement professional. In this module we will look at why the 'core' is outdated, breath is key and pressure and tension should really be used.

Lower Limb


We will be exploring Hip Anatomy differentials, the relationship between the hip and ankle and how the knee fits into this.

You will leave this module knowing how minute modifications can bring about optimal muscular function, in the lower body.


Finding your nichè


Trying to be everything to everyone is one of the biggest mistakes instructors make. So allow me to guide you (not tell you) to finding your nichè.

Once that nichè has been found we will look at how to foam professional networks, secure collaborations and be well on your way to being an expert in you field.

Pricing yourself


No movement professional I know likes to talk about pricing and almost all are undercharging for their expertise. 

In this module we will be unpacking the components that make up 'how to price yourself'

SPOILER: It's not charging a little less than the studio down the road!