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Do you want to teach with clarity, confidence and GROW into an awesome coach?

I will teach you how to master and understand the human body and manage injuries and common conditions.

You will know exactly what to focus on, stop saying yes to everyone and everything and move forward in your career with clarity and confidence, instead of a sense of chaos and overwhelm

You deserve to be the extraordinary coach that you know you can be.

Do you feel that the exercises you learnt don't actually help real life clients?

Do you feel like all the workshops you are taking don't actually teach you anything new?

Are you feeling stale in your teaching and like you do the same exercises every session?

Are you unable or ill-equipped to deal with injuries and common issues?

Do you find yourself saying 'yes' to every client and studio just to make ends meet?

Are you wondering if being a fitness professional is worth it?

If this sounds like you........

You're in the right place.....

I have worked with thousands of fitness professionals and studios who have done the courses, got the certificates and put in the hours of compulsory CPD points, yet they still struggle to capture their market and get results for their clients.

GROW has guided them through a step by step programme to understand and master the human body on a deeper level and has fully equipped them with all the tools to become extraoridinary instructors, coaches and establishments.

How would it feel to.........

  • know how to help someone with a pelvic floor dysfunction?

  • be able to handle issues such as frozen shoulder, slipped discs and torn ACL's or reconstructions?

  • be able to plan your own movements and exercises without relying on someone else's repertoire?

  • work the hours you wanted, with the clients you desire and for good money?

  • be the expert in your chosen nichè area and have a network of professionals referring to you and that you could refer out to?

Emma Yeates

"I have done a lot of online training and I liked the way Victoria taught and the information that was given, it was different. I now have my focus back."


Darcel Osei

"I felt overwhelmed and was uncertain about how everything fitted together. Now I look at the everyday client as a whole"

Kristina Borseti

"I have adapted my instruction and cueing and I can see that it's resonating better now. I am a more confident instructor with my clients and peers."

You don't have to feel anxious, be unsure or feel like a total imposter anymore.

That means no more.........

  • Guessing about what might be wrong with a client.

  • Worrying about what you cannot do or what is contraindicated

  • Only teaching repertoire or a set number or 'exercises'

  • imposter syndrome and not feeling enough

  • Worrying that your words and cues might not resonate or be effective.

BECOME clear and confident coach and join GROW NOW!

So what is GROW?

GROW allows you to develop into a clear and confident coach by teaching you how to set yourself up as an expert in your chosen field to treat and train the clients you want. It is designed to equip you with all the tools you need in just 6 weeks.

We will address individual areas and issues so that you can teach and train your clients globally with optimal results.

Victoria Roper © Heather Bonker-9510.jpg

 GROW gives you everything you need to break free of that feeling of imposter syndrome and put a permanent stop to that little voice that maybe you should have just done a degree instead.


  • Even if you think you can't afford it

I wanted to make GROW my most accessible course yet and impact as many people as possible while still delivering maximum value and individual attention. That is why the course is a unique blend of on demand trainings and 1-1 live sessions. You can either pay in full, or set up a payment plan over two months. It really is ONLY the cost of 3-4 client sessions TOTAL! That's it! With value that will last your whole career.

  • Even if you think you don't have the time

Firstly, you do, time is always a matter of priorities. However if you need even more convincing, you have lifetime access to all the on demand trainings. Although I recommend trying to tackle one per week, life happens and if you miss one, you can catch up at anytime. The same goes for our 1:1 sessions, although I recommend one every 10-14 days, if you don't make them, you won't loose them. Learning has to be at your own pace.

  • Even if you think you might want to do other courses and workshops this year

I get it, there is so much on offer now, both in person and online, with so many amazing professionals. And of course, I would encourage you to experience as many of those amazing professionals and what they have to offer as possible. But if you can only make one course this year, I am confident it should be this one! GROW will allow you to build your confidence as a coach via a deep understanding of what the body and your brand are made of and how both really work. From there you understand mechanisms of injuries and where to address and cue to enable any client that comes your way to gain results.

Victoria Roper © Heather Bonker-9466-2.jpg


6 on demand training modules, drip fed weekly to help you pace yourself and work through each step without becoming overwhelmed or burnt out (I see you type A ;-))


4 x 30 minute 1-1 mentoring sessions, spaced out over the course duration to ensure you are zooming in on the things you need to and carving out an individual niche in your area of specialty with your clients of choice.


unique tools,built from scratch to ensure you implement the valuable knowledge taught straight away. Bonus resources & recommendations from amazing tutors that have helped me during my career. Guest appearances from industry professionals to help inspire you, offer advice at a fraction of their normal consulting fees!

A personal note from me.......

I know how frustrating it can be to keep doing courses and workshops and just learning more exercises, but still having no idea why you are doing them or who they actually help, let alone how to adapt movements for injuries and special populations.

I have been there too. Frustrated, confused and feeling like an imposter in an industry I thought I knew and wanted to be part of.

That's when I did the work, found my niche and who I wanted to work with, found the area that lit me up and have now created  GROW to enable you to do the same.

So what are you waiting for, now it's your turn and your time.

Book a call to start GROWing.......

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