Becoming a movement specialist or therapist, involves meeting a pre-determined set of criteria and successfully completing the initial phase of your education. Once you’ve achieved this base line certification, you’re free to practice and share your new found knowledge and skills with an eager audience, be it individual or groups.

We gain experience, clients and some confidence in those early years BUT, as with any skill, it requires constant testing and evaluating to ensure you avoid the trap of complacency.

Some of us are happy to continue teaching and practicing what we were taught in our original certification, BUT the world of Anatomy, Physiology & biomechanics is going through a paradigm shift. It’s our responsibility to stay abreast of these groundbreaking changes and remain current in this uncertain climate of health and fitness. 

Many avoid continued learning, merely because, moving out of our comfort zones is uncomfortable and often avoided for fear of feeling inadequate or out of place…... 

Fear not, you’ll never know it all. 

Our role is to take the complexity of this knowledge and translate it into a useful and applicable set of skills that is can be utilised and integrated into your ever growing skill set. 


With this in mind, welcome to THRIVE, a 12 module course that has been designed to create an opportunity for any instructor, fitness professional or therapist to enhance their own credibility and competence to deliver a more comprehensive approach to human movement. 

Each module is 2 hours and will be split into theory, practical application, with time for group discussions and Q&A’s.


Although each module will be sold separately (just this once) we strongly suggest taking all 12 as they will all come together to complete your year long journey with us.


Spaces are limited, first come, first served.


Creators and Presenters
Paul Thornley